Dec 16


Because we love Freiburg and all the people in it, we decided to repeat our little trip from last year, effectively making it an annual tradition. This time we moved it to December, so that apart from all the food and people and places we like, we could also enjoy the xmas markets and snow. Unfortunately, the snow was not quite there (that only came a couple weeks later after new year’s, dammit!), but everything else was in place. We stayed with our great friend, which was amazing, and we also rented a little car this time, so we were super flexible. We did it all – Schauinsland over the clouds, Feldberg, Titisee, flammkuchen in Goldener Sternen, Feierling with friends (they have a new annexe and it’s pretty!), gluhwine, Turkish and Thai. For markets, we explored not only the usual Freiburg ones, but went also to Ravennaschlucht outside of town, where the market is nicely located in a gorge under a tall train viaduct, and we also swung by the Basel markets on our way back to the airport. So the only bother on the whole trip were, traditionally, the UK trains which were on strike, causing us to get up at 4am on the way there to be able to make it to Gatwick, and further stress on the way back. I am done with complaining about UK trains on this blog, but if they don’t nationalise this omnishambles soon, my head might explode. But we did not let that spoil anything, and we enjoyed ourselves a lot.






Nov 10

Freiburg, a visit

I headed over to Freiburg last week, to be with Gina and visit where she now lives.

Freiburg is a lovely wee place. I’m very impressed with it. I loved the fact that it’s located right at the foothills of the Black Forest, and looking from a vantage point, you can see for weeks, just trees going towards the Horizon. Looking West, you can clearly see the Vosges Mountains which is situated in Eastern France, and when I went for a walk to meet Gina from work, I’m pretty sure I saw the Bernese Alps, Western Switzerland on the far Horizon. What an epic, lovely place!

The beautiful colours of Freiburg

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