Mar 11

A Wedding in Wales

We headed back to Wales over the weekend, as my brother was getting married.

It was a lovely wedding, it was Gina’s first encounter to a Welsh wedding, and she thought that it was lovely.

The Marriage itself was in a wee small church in Llanllyfni – where the Bride is originally from. I was the Usher, along with my little brother Llyr and Donna’s brother Kevin, who usher’ed people to their seats as they arrived for the ceremony. The service at the Church was quite nice, which didn’t end up in a mass lecture from the Priest, mostly in Welsh, but Gina was totally ontop of it. The words ‘cariad’ come up often, so it was all good. Surprisingly, not once did ‘igam ogam’ come up.

The Wedding Couple


The wedding meal, and drinks etc was held at a lovely wee place called Nant Gwrtheyrn, a beautiful place, nested just behind the Rival Mountains, just on the Pen Lleyn. Everything went lovely, lots of beer was drunk, and we also got to stay in one of the lovely wee cottages down there (Diolch mam a dad!). It’s always been something that I’ve wanted to do, to stay in one of these houses, and it didn’t disappoint one bit.

The wee cottages

Welsh Love Spoon

Pear Drops

Our room

Yes, it was a lovely wee day. Good to see my brother getting married, and to see the whole day go very smoothly (although, I didn’t fulfil my Usher duties wholly, I forgot to collect the flowers after the ceremony in the church – bad times). Geraint Thomas, of Panorama Cymru, in Caernarfon (wonderful photographs) was the photographer on the day, and he has some of the images on his blog: Priodas Donna a Celfyn

The rest of the weekend was spent chilling mostly. We had a wee walk around Llanberis, went to pay our respects to the awesome place that is Pete’s Eat, and did one image for our ‘Retro’ project, that’s quite interesting. (Will follow soon). The weather was super awesome, Gina could not believe it, Sun in Wales! Never has such thing happened before!

Pete's Eat

Snowdon from Llanberis Quarry

And that was pretty much it! Unfortunately, there was no surf (again) in Wales this weekend, so I couldn’t take Gina for a nice session in the sea. I really hope someday, I’ll be able to do this. We headed back down to London on the Monday evening, met up with some friends, and caught the bus to the airport at 4:30am on Tuesday to leave for Freiburg. ‘Twas a good wee trip!