Aug 10

Coniston Water – Ellenabeich

Ridge at Ellenabeich

Surprisingly early start followed by a beautiful foggy scenic drive through the Lake District. After that we hit the highway again, and soon we saw the Scottish welcome sign. By that time the morning mist cleared up, and we had some nice views along another scenic drive along Loch Lomond, Inveraray, and over to Oban.

Oban had lots to offer but mostly we were after its big Tesco to stock up on food for the trip. We were a bit hesitant then which fish & chips place to visit for regaining some energy, we narrowed the options down to two, which the information board in the town centre labelled as ‘the best’ and ‘preferred by locals’. This posed a bit of a conundrum – is there a reason why the locals wouldn’t prefer the best? Which one should we choose? We decided for the best one at the end, and it really was quite good indeed.

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