London – Coniston Water (via Wales)

Llandudno beach

We got up real early and bravely, and made it to Euston in time, despite a little scare at the Northern line being opened late. It was a first train ride for both of us together, and Iestyn turned out to be an awesome train co-traveller – he doesn’t annoy me at all and lets me read the Guardian from yesterday and everything :) Good times.

Anyway, I survived the train (I even managed to sleep some), and at noon we got off at Llandudno Junction, where Iest’s parents picked us up and brought his car for us too. Iestyn had to go to get measured for some gay clothes he’s gonna be wearing for his brother’s wedding next year. I couldn’t go with him for reasons unknown, so I went to the beach, which was pretty even if a bit rainy.

We then properly started our vacation by worshipping Pete at his own shrine in Llanberis, and we took Gaf with us too. Sadly, it turns out that Pete reduced the size of his portions! Ah, the first downer of the trip. So for now I am just going to assume that this happens only in the high July/August season when the sissies come, and the proper portions are still there to feed those who come and climb in the nasty weather.

We packed (lots of) our stuff in Groeslon (ah the joys of car adventurism :)), and set off on our way. We drove all the way to Lake District in one go, and soon we enjoyed a nice stroll in Bowness on Windermere, where Iestyn spotted Malcolm. I got all genuinely excited, until it turned out that it was some Malcolm I don’t even know, and not the Malcolm I thought it was. Another major downer of this trip right here on the first day.

We camped at Coniston Water, and fell asleep almost immediately after our delicious gnocchi with sauce dinner and a walk along the lake including taking night pictures of midges – I never knew that they reflect flash light like that! (made up a little bit for the Malcolm thing)

Sunset in Coniston Water


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