Iestyn had to go to work this week, so I just set on a regular schedule of:

  • Lie-in and reading,
  • Huge breakfast of oatmeal with chocolate, honey, yogurt, blueberries and strawberries + coffee,
  • Looking into the Portugal trip and deciding what to do,
  • Going to explore the town in the afternoon and meet Iestyn after work.

The weather is OK, mostly cloudy with some streaks of sun. On Tuesday we went for dinner to Pifko, where I had Gambrinus beer and nakladany hermelin (pickled brie-type cheese), not too bad considering it’s in Dublin, but paying €5 for Gambrinus is an abomination, it goes for like €1 in Prague and it’s prolly better there. Afterwards we went to meet the guys in Mulligan’s where iestyn tried to persuade me that some bizarro Icelandic beer is metter than any Czech beer, but obviously he just made a fool of himself. Truth told, he just likes the Viking picture on the bottle.
By now, there are two arsenic poisoning and some non-fatal shooting in the dark in my book. Who can be behind that?! Did they really mean to kill with the poison and failed or was that just a warning? I feel like a lot of people are not saying all they know!

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