After a lazy Sunday lie-in and epic breakfast we went to town to meet Iest’s friends for a coffee and a joint trip to Dun Longlilong, where there was a Sunday fair going on in the park, along with an all-day ukulele music festival, in which one of the friend’s sister was playing.


It was epically sunny in Dun Longlilong, a beautiful day for a fair and ukulele music! After we had enough of the fair, we went for a walk on the pier and watched boats and seagulls do their thing. We also saw a seal! Probably on a trip from Wales. Just sticking his cute little head out of the water.


After getting back to Dublin we bought tickets for Elysium in IMAX and killed the remaining time to the screening in Eddie’s diner with milkshakes and burgers (only Ryan and Tony for these). Elysium was an epic summertime Hollywood blockbuster, quite violent and not as good as District 9, but still quite entertaining if you didn’t think about it too much.


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