Skiing at Feldberg

Black Forest is pretty overall, and in winter there are nice skiing possibilities for cross-country skiing. There are some downhill slopes as well, although mostly just kiddie type. Even the biggest local slope, Feldberg, is just a molehill really (not to mention the lift is so overpriced for what it is). But when the weather is good, it provides good fun nevertheless, and beautiful Alp views on top.

Gina in full gear

Gina with a view - note the active volcano in the background

Iestyn does not ski, so he walks around and takes pictures. And also tests our new fancy red moose thermos, which keeps tea nice and warm for a long time. All the way until the sunset.

Moose with a beard


Here’s the panorama I took while Gina was skiing away all gloriously:

A sunset over Feldberg

Sunset Over Felbreg

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