Freiburg, a visit

I headed over to Freiburg last week, to be with Gina and visit where she now lives.

Freiburg is a lovely wee place. I’m very impressed with it. I loved the fact that it’s located right at the foothills of the Black Forest, and looking from a vantage point, you can see for weeks, just trees going towards the Horizon. Looking West, you can clearly see the Vosges Mountains which is situated in Eastern France, and when I went for a walk to meet Gina from work, I’m pretty sure I saw the Bernese Alps, Western Switzerland on the far Horizon. What an epic, lovely place!

The beautiful colours of Freiburg

My journey to Freiburg was quite epic. It had me leaving the house at around 9pm to catch an 8am flight to Basel, then a bus journey up North to Freiburg. I didn’t sleep much from the whole traveling time, so by the time I got to see Gina, I was pretty tired, and crashed out when I got there.

That evening, sausages was on my mind, so Gina took me out to a wonderful little pub/restaurant where the sausages was plenty, and very tasty. I was very happy :)

The next day, Gina showed me around the city, the local market and the views. We went up to Schlossberg – a high, spiral stair cased viewpoint located just inside the woods, which gives excellent views of the whole valley and the city. I, of course, didn’t manage to make it to the top, as I have a massive phobia of man made heights, and spiral stair cases.


The Friday evening was spent with Gina’s co-workers and friends, drinking fine German beer, and pulling shapes to some random Russian Dance music in the KGB club. Some intriguing style of music was mentioned, German-Flamingo Pop. This, my fellow readers, will have a blog post all of it’s own when I finally hear such music!

Saturday, didn’t go as planned. I was hungover. Never in my life I’ve been that hungover before. We decided it was best if we stayed in bed, and watch movies – pretty much the whole day. It was lovely watching films with Gina, but I felt so bad. Never again I’m drinking that much. Never.

Sunday, it rained like crazy, all day – non stop, so we did a few things indoors, such as going to the local Colombischlössle Archaeological Museum – a lovely small museum, very well maintained with some beautiful archaeological finds, and some very nice models of the era. Well worth a visit. Then, we had some more delicious food, followed by an epic Ice cream from the ice cream parlour. Good times!

On Monday, we decided to hike up into the Hills to the South of where Gina lives. It was a lovely walk up to Kibfelsen, an 810m high hill, through the lovely forest.

Gina Run

Black Forest

I also, for the first time ever, got to taste what’s known – in real life, as Bread. None of this ‘bread’ that we have here in the UK, oh no, proper bread as Gina knows it. It was pretty tasty I must admit. Gina has been upset with the fact that we don’t have Bread here in the UK, only toasting bread. So I had a nice little lunch, munching this delightful new taste :)

Real Bread. Made proper.

Tuesday, I spent by myself as Gina had to go back to work. I wondered through the city, getting to know the place a little bit, and trying out my German (as I’m slowly learning it) – which seemed to go down ok, I got what I wanted for on number of occasions, so I must have been doing something right. The place is very green and healthy looking, full of cyclists, and not much cars around. Good times!


Gina's transport

Good times! So all in all – Freiburg is a lovely place. I am indeed going over to live with Gina some point in the New Year, and I’m really looking forward to it. Leaving London will be good – as I enjoy the outdoors a lot more than the city life, but I will miss a few things about London. But, living with Gina again is going to be much better, and I cannot wait!

We're cŵl

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