Oct 10

Our Boots

Our Boots

I’ve always liked this photo of our boots I took on An Teallach. It didn’t come out as well as I hoped, but it’s close.

I love how awesomely cute Gina’s boots looks next to mine. Every time I see her boots, it makes me smile, and it was that I was trying to capture in the photo. I will keep at it, and hopefully someday soon, I’ll get the right shot.

Sep 10

Scottish Panoramas

Everywhere I go, I take potential panorama pictures – and Scotland was no exception. Here are a few that worked quite well;

A pretty Scottish beach

Gina on top of Ben Eige Massif

An Teallach Massif

An Teallach Main Ridge

Glen Lyon

Good times. The panoramas I take are made from up to anything between 10-15 photographs.

Aug 10

Ullapool – Skye

Port of Ullapool

Properly sunny! Just the day to finally do the An Teallach route, yes, the UK # 1 route by Trail magazine. We wasted no time in Ullapool, and soon we were on the trailhead. The weather was exquisite indeed, and after a bit of a strenuous rocky uphill hiking we got to enjoy the beautiful views we came for. Of course, due to the weather and popularity of the route, it was a bit of a bloody tourist highway that day, but still very worth it.

We started the ridge with Sail Liath, continued over Stob Cadha Gobhlach, Corrag Bhuidhe, Sgurr Fiona, Bidein a Ghlas Thuill and Glas Mheall Mor. The final descent through the valley was very beautiful, along waterfalls and rhododendron bushes towards the end, but proved to be a bit too long and strenuous after what we had already done on the ridge, and we arrived to the car very exhausted. A little bit over 7 hours in total.

After nice Chinese dinner in Inverness, we wanted to camp in Tokavaig on Skye, but that proved too spooky for this time, and since it started to rain heavily, we just decided to sleep in the car for once.

Wildlife sightings:
mountain goats